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Holiday dreams
in the Salzburger Saalachtal
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Weather Lofer

Water level Lofer Unterjettenberg Weißbach

Innsbruck Tirol

Goldenes Dachl in Innsbruck

Over 800 years of history lie between the past building of the bridge across the Inn and the current skyline of the Tyrol state capital. Even the Habsburgs loved this city and made Innsbruck a residence city.
Innsbruck is embossed with a lively history, connected with great names like Maximilian I and the Empress Maria Theresia. Innsbruck was the most beautiful city in German landscape for her. Even famous artists followed her call. A breathtaking treasure that is also so majestically close is the high mountains and nature as well as the ubiquitous contrast of old traditions with the vitality of a modern city. Its rich heritage and two times being an Olympic city with sport facilities for competitive and recreational sports make it an international visitors magnet 365 days a year.
Nature, culture, sport and tradition unite with the flair of an international congress and university city in a harmonic and enthralling way.

Pillersee valley

Summer in the Pillersee valley

The Pillersee valley is situated between the Steinplatte Waidring, the Leogang and Lofer stone mountains and the Kitzbühel Alps. The Pillersee lake is situated in the heart of the picturesque valley and you are able to go there from Lofer by mountain or e-bike.

The family theme park in the Pillersee valley focuses on healthy work movements. Children like to exercise in fresh air and they exercise their body whilst playing.

Winter in the Pillersee valley

The Pillersee valley offers the three skiing areas Buchensteinwand, Waidring/Steinplatte and Fieberbrunn with more then 30 ski lift facilities. You are able to reach Waidring within 10 minutes from Lofer.

Kufstein Tirol

The town of Kufstein next to the "green Inn" (the famous river), with its numerous places of interest, is always worth a visit.

The town possesses a typical Tyrolean character and is famous for its fortress which presents itself majestically over the town. Kufstein features a very romantic old town with galleries, museums, exquisite shops and traditional businesses, where you can even acquire a traditional costume.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds Tyrol

Swarovski - an illustrious company.

They were pioneers ahead of their time. They thought the unthinkable in their heads. In their fantasies they grafted the impossible.
With the concept of an automatic grinding machine, Daniel Swarovski opened the door to a fantastic world at the end of the 19th century.

The magic word is called crystal. A raw material that was accredited with a magical, charitable and beneficial affects already amongst the oldest cultures. The fascinating material changed the fashion world and beauty into an alluringly resplendent universe. It inspired people and enriched art and culture.

Nowadays crystal became a connection between people and a light of joy that we would like to forward to you.

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