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Hiking Golf Lofer and St. Martin

18 hiking golf stations are situated in the basin of Lofer and St. Martin. Each of the two small rounds which are about 8 kilometres long has 9 stations. You are able to hike around comfortably in about 3 hours. If you want to do the large round, then you should double that time because the whole route is about 16 kilometres with 18 holes.

The stations are located directly along well-built hiking trails. A majority of old farming equipment was converted to new hiking golf courses (similar to mini-golf courses), like for example, plough, millstone and cider jar.

In any case “snugness” must be taken literally. The goal is a home-made farmers’ schnapps!

Game Rules / Explanation:

  • The goal of the game is to bring the ball from the tee to the hole in the fewest hits possible, and this for each and every course.
  • Each hit counts as a point.
  • The starting point of the ball in each course is the place where it stopped moving. If the ball did not overcome or not correctly overcome the obstacle, it is placed on the tee.
  • If a player doesn‘t reach the goal with 6 points, 7 points are noted down and the game proceeds to the next hole.
  • The points achieved are to be entered in the game area.


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