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in the Salzburger Saalachtal
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Alte Saline / Old Salt-Works Bad Reichenhall

Descend into the underworld and discover the secret of the "white gold”.

Below the picturesque Castle Gruttenstein, you find a widely ramified network of tunnels and mine shafts. Here the salt springs of Bad Reichenhall flow from the crevices of the mountain making the region popular already in the early years.
Follow guided tours through this mysterious world into the origins of the gathering of salt in Bad Reichenhall and learn everything about the mining of “white gold” up to these days.

Marvel at the mighty water wheels that have been turning for nearly 150 years. Admire the centuries old pumping stations and arrangement of levers that still deliver brine in a traditional way even now.
With access to models, audio and visual guides, as well as slideshows in the adjoining Salzmuseum (salt museum), you will learn about the gathering of brine, seething, drying up to packaging.

The impressive history of the "white gold” is fascinating. And if you want to “experience” a little more salt, then visit the famous salt mine of Berchtesgaden; we recommend the purchase of a cheap combi-card!

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in the Salzburger Saalachtal