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Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest), a historical lookout point above the Berchtesgaden region at 1834 m.

The Kehlstein Street

The drive from Obersalzberg to the Kehlstein parking place is a masterpiece of engineering. The hard rock of the Kehlstein was blasted into a street in just 13 months, making its structural character unique in the world: The massive altitude difference is overcome with just one hairpin bend, whereby the steep north-west side of the Kehlstein is traversed two times. The Kehlstein Street was set up for individual traffic to the Kehlstein parking place in 1952. Special buses of the Daimler-Benz company make the journey over the Kehlstein Street into an exceptional experience.

The Kehlsteinhaus

The bulky structure, with its meter-thick foundation walls, is a document of national-socialistic architecture. It offers the visitor an overwhelming view over the Berchtesgaden region. The way from the parking place to the Kehlsteinhaus is designed in special kind of spectacle: A 124-meter long natural stone tunnel through the rock massif leads to a majestic, bronze-plated lift. This lift ascends towards in the inside of the Kehlsteinhaus in just 41 seconds.

The Kehlsteinhaus History

The Kehlsteinhaus was a project of Martin Bormann, presenting it in the name of the NSDAP to Adolf Hitler as a present for his 50th birthday. Hitler visited the Kehlsteinhaus very seldom.
The allied bombs during World War 2 didn’t hit the Kehlsteinhaus. The demolition of the house was stopped thanks to the district administrator Jacob. The Kehlsteinhaus is today kept in its original form as a historical monument.
On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the annexation of the Berchtesgaden region to Bavaria, the Bavarian state turned the ownership into an foundation in 1960. The proceeds are used for charitable purposes.

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