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Holiday dreams
in the Salzburger Saalachtal
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Mozart’s Birthplace

At the heart of Salzburg, the Getreidegasse, a house of the Salzburg business magnate and spices merchant, Johann Lorenz Hagenauer (1712-1792), is located there. He obtained it for the “Salzburg baronial chamber musician” Leopold Mozart and his wife Anna Maria Walburga in 1747. The Mozart family lived there for 26 years. The apartment, on the 3rd floor, consisted of a kitchen, small cabinet, combined living, sleeping (birth) and study room. Their seven children were born here, whereby only two survived infancy: 1751 Maria Anna Walburga (“Nannerl”) and on 27 January 1756 “Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangs Theophilus (Wolfgang Amadeus).
It can be visited in summer within the framework of events in the Great Hall of the Mozarteum.

Museum in Mozart’s Birthplace

A family friend, the court trumpeter, Johann Andreas Schachtner (1731-1795), reminds himself in a letter to Maria Anna Berchtold zu Sonnenburg, how the young “Wolfgangerl asked to play the 2nd violin, but the father reprehended his foolish plea, because he still didn’t have the slightest instruction in violins, and the father believed that he was the least capable… 

Both children, Nannerl and Wolfgang, had the best teacher in their father, his biggest wish being to challenge his son’s aptitude.

Mozart’s Violins

The house is set up as a museum spanning 3 floors. The centre point is Mozart’s original instruments and authentic portraits. Salzburg furniture and objects for daily use in Mozart’s times are also displayed. Additional themed areas that also change into special exhibitions, document Mozart’s reception; “Mozart at the theatre”, for example, shows the different staging styles of famous directors over many decades by means of stage models, costumes and props.

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in the Salzburger Saalachtal