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Mozart’s Residence

With the emigration to the Hannibal Square (today: Makart Place), on the right bank of the Salzach, the Mozart family escaped the medieval constriction of the Getreidegasse in 1773. One had a view of the square’s active goings from the house’s window and could see “the people’s comedy from four to five o’clock.”

The spacious eight-room apartment offered enough place for business meetings with friendly families. In the garden, one enjoyed skittles or shooting matches, the so-called “Bölzlschießens”, on hoax panes. The family members met with court musicians in music halls, amongst them Johann Michael Haydn (1737-1806). Interested persons could visit pianos that Leopold Mozart overtook from external piano builders for commissionable sales.

The grand midpoint of the house, in which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed most of his lifework, is the Dance Master’s Hall. This room was a central location of Salzburg’s business life already in Mozart’s times.

The Mozart Residence was opened on 26 January 1996. The museum is now located in the rooms of the Mozart family apartment on the first floor. It documents the house’s history and the life of the Mozart family. The life and work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the centre point.
An infrared guide system in six languages and audio examples leads the visitors through the museum. Particular focus in the arrangement is the travels of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (one can follow this on a journey board), as well an area dedicated to his sister Maria Anna – “Nannerl”. An “ambient room” visualizes the home décor of those times. The conclusion is a multi-vision with the title “Mozart and Salzburg” – also in six languages.

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in the Salzburger Saalachtal