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Zoo Salzburg

The Hellbrunn Zoo is divided into the different continents. So you are able to travel all over the world in a short time.

The core of the Africa area is the Savannah complex with rhinos, zebras and antelopes. You can see pelicans, cranes or flamingos in the birds’ park. The Salzburg Zoo is also famous for its cheetah complex with the 60km/h fast prey simulator.

Europe and Asia
Observe the inhabitants of the surrounding mountains, such as the ibex, chamois and groundhogs as well as the newly added wolves, bears and lynxes. The red panda, the white-handed gibbon and the secretive snow leopard are the representatives of the Asian animal world.

Go looking for kangaroos and emus in the quiet and mysterious part of the zoo.

The apex of our American part is made up of the South-American primeval forest with various monkey types, coatis, and green iguana. The jaguar and the puma lurk for their prey next door.


Opening Hours:
The Hellbrunn Salzburg Zoo is open daily all year round and it's just 45 minutes by car from Lofer in the Saalach valley.

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