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in the Salzburger Saalachtal
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Giant Ice World „Eisriesenwelt“ Werfen

A natural wonder

You discover the mighty ice figures on Earth in the enormous halls of the Giant Ice World and your efforts will be amply rewarded with a visit of the unique cave system. You explore the Ice Palace with historical carbide lamps, the castle of the ice giants and the veil of the Ice Queen.

The world’s largest ice cavern Werfen Salzburg State

One already sees the massive ice cave portal from far away, with a width of 20m and a height of 18m. The whole ice cave system stretches over a total length of 42 km. Only about 1 km is covered with ice. This part also corresponds to the publicly accessible part of the exhibition cave with the help of guides. An average temperature of about 0° C rules in the cave’s interior during the summer months. Thus, it is absolutely recommended to wear warm clothes during the hour long guides.

  • A temperature of 0° C prevails in the cave
  • Warm clothing and strong shoes are recommended
  • A guided tour through the ice cave takes about 75 minutes
  • The lighting is exclusively done with carbide lamps and magnesium light

The Giant Ice World is about 80 kilometres away from Lofer in the Saalach valley.

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