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Water Wonder World Krimml

The Water Wonder World Krimml is a fascinating attraction for young and old. You can experience what our water can do. You will be amazed! Water is our life’s elixir that possesses sensational abilities.

Water can make wonders and water can make these wonders visible.

You will experience amazing, unique, and still not seen phenomena in the Water Wonder World Krimml. The wonderful world that water unlocks will surprise you, and you will discover what hides in every drop of water.

The Water Wonder World Krimml is situated directly at the entrance of the Krimml Waterfalls.
In the house of water (Aqua-Centrum), the phenomena surrounding water are the thematic focus. Whether silent water beams, current differences, water pressure in trees or water steps – there are enough phenomena in the Water Wonder World.

The exhibition "Krimml Cataracta" on the upper floor gives all information and details about the Krimml Waterfalls. One has the unique occasion to observe the Krimmler Waterfalls through a Swarovski telescope on the attic floor.

Water Experience in the Aqua-Park
Walk through the park, surprise yourself, and try out these water attractions and finally relax at the large biotope.

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